Over the past 14 months, we’ve been working with the specialist insurance expert Pro Global, to strategically define their value proposition.
Having launched just before Christmas, our client Chris Buer is delighted with the result…
Whilst our business is well established in the insurance market, our brand was dated and needed revitalising. Following extensive research with OB, we were able to not only reposition our business but also create a strong brand and website that could differentiate itself within our market. A brand that we are all very proud of and one that gives our business a modern, fresh and progressive feel.
Extensive research into their market positioning helped build a cohesive stakeholder doctrine, whilst client perception surveys revealed the direction the positioning should take – to move from a ‘trusted provider’ to a ‘trusted advisor’.
The result is a clearly defined brand, global values, and a focussed proposition, helping their clients to clearly and effectively understand Pro Global’s new strategic offering.

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