Repositioning a global insurance brand

Pro Global is a specialist insurance expert, offering advisory, consulting, outsourcing and audit services. The majority of the largest Lloyd’s syndicates, the five largest global reinsurers and several P&C companies worldwide partner with Pro to improve their bottom line. 


Following the appointment of a new CEO and Head of Marketing to help transform Pro’s business, OB were brought in to help strategically redefine their value proposition in line with the new ambitions of the organisation, and to communicate that position both internally and externally.

Whilst Pro Global has a solid reputation as an innovative ‘trusted provider’ that ‘dig deep’, the next goal in their evolution was to transform the global business into a more strategically positioned ‘trusted advisor’ to their client base. 

To achieve this, they needed to first fully understand their market position and gain insight into how their global audience perceived their brand.

Their new positioning would need a rebrand to deliver cut-through, global brand cohesion with a single voice, stakeholder buy-in and clarity of message. Listening, and leading a large number of stakeholders, was also critical to ensure an outcome that would resonate and help project the professionalism that their audience would expect.

All undertaken whilst still delivering business as usual…


OB applied a simple approach – appraise, evolve, apply. 

A period of in-depth discovery, insight and appraisal across the business to understand various internal viewpoints, helped build a cohesive stakeholder doctrine, whilst client perception survey results revealed the direction the positioning should take. 

From this, we evolved the narrative and developed the new value proposition, brand transformation strategy, positioning and messaging, to reflect Pro Global’s ambitions and new strategic thinking, as well as creating a new cut-through branding, brand language and visual ecosystem. 

The rebrand has been applied across digital platforms and assets, as well as globally throughout the business touchpoints, to deliver the new positioning; engaging both internal and client audiences fully on this new journey. 


Our close, embedded partnership with Pro Global and their extensive team, has resulted in a clearly redefined brand, global values and a focussed proposition that their audiences can access, helping their clients and stakeholders understand their new strategic offering and products clearly and effectively. 

This reflects their new vision, where they’re going and what they want to achieve in the market, and has had an immediate impact in delivering this new ambition. 

We are now working as a close partner to the marketing team to roll-out a strategic digital marketing roadmap and communications plan for the new global brand.

“Working with the team at OB felt like an extension of our in house marketing team. In particular, Jill’s fantastic ability to navigate and decode messaging from a myriad of different stakeholders and replay this in a clear and coherent manner; Vanessa’s unparalleled creative flair and attention which delivered us an incredibly unique and impactful brand; and Jon’s expert stakeholder management ensured that the entire process ran smoothly and on budget. None of this could have been achieved without the dedication and hard work from the team at OB.”

Chris Buer – Head of Marketing and External Communications, Pro Global

Our strategy was broad and varied, comprising;
  • Stakeholder management

  • Internal culture management

  • Internal audit and external perception appraisal

  • Strategic shift in positioning

  • Value proposition and messaging framework

  • Clear communicates strategy and application

  • Cut-through rebrand to resonate across all territories

  • A flexible visual language

  • Reposition in the marketplace

Like many businesses built on the specialist expertise of its people, it was clear from the start that clients were not aware of Pro Global’s full offering.  We talked to a good range of both clients and employees to elicit candid perceptions of Pro’s brand, the strengths they needed to amplify and to uncover gaps between market perceptions of Pro Global and their own. From this we were able to develop a proposition that helps them reposition in line with their future plans as both advisor and doer”.

Jill Pringle – Director, Brand Symphony Marketing

“Guiding the teams at Pro Global and Pro MGA Global Solutions to a visual identity that placed them into the new territory they are moving towards as a company, has been incredibly satisfying. This kind of project is often about leading people away from their own opinion and into the mindset of the new company culture and client expectations OB set out for them. This can be quite a difficult time to navigate as you are asking for a great deal of trust! However the teams at Pro really got on board and now the praise is streaming in across all the global locations, from both team members and clients.”

Vanessa Marchant – Creative Lead, OB Brand Consulting