Building a transformational brand

Consilient delivers the first federated learning solution for anti-money laundering and financial crime prevention. It allows institutions, regulators and jurisdictions to share behavioural insights to improve risk management without the challenges of sharing data.
Founded by Gary Shiffman (Giant Oak, Inc.) and Juan Zarate (K2 Integrity), Consilient was built to transform how the world prevents financial crime. The pair saw a clear need for evolution in the fight against money laundering and financial crime, finding current methods outdated and ineffective.
Currently AML is a manual task – mistakes are made (95%+ false positives) – which has led to stringent regulation and high costs. Multiple layers of checking and inefficient processes with low outcomes. Consilient’s federated learning solution is first to market and so far proven incredibly effective.

The human impact of financial crime, where the financing of modern slavery, terrorism and other criminal activities, is greater now than ever.

The crowded Anti Money Laundering software market is occupied by established specialists and global providers, a traditionally new tech resistant sector riddled with legacy products and processes. 

Consilient are determined to make a difference – and their innovative technology will help forge a game-changing approach in the fight against financial crime.

The business challenge was two-fold; market disruption through innovative machine learning technology and ‘to stop the bad guys’.

OB were tasked to develop the new brand from the ground up to cut through the noise in the market, evolve an effective brand and digital presence to go to market with, to build and develop a new digital platform, as well as build and maintain a consistent brand application and visual treatment across all comms, sales and marketing tools.


As a first of its kind solution, Consilient needed a new brand and a new way to tell its story. 

Our approach in the developing the new brand and positioning was to be different, to have cut-through and to stand-out from the rest of the market. To be clear, clean, simple, scalable and easy to use. 

To be bold. 

The clean, simple and modern approach, using a confident typology and the definitive ‘colon’, helps connect the technology to the benefits. 

Our strategy was to not only capture the human aspect of the benefits of the Consilient solution with the use of selected imagery and its treatment, but also the very unique feature of the product – travelling models.

Consilient’s solution is based around the dynamic movement of the federated machine learning models, travelling from bank to bank, learning and building insight along the way. We introduced the ‘dot’ from the ‘connecting’ colon element, to represent the travelling models – a visual component applied across all comms.

Boldly overlaid, used as a containing shape or as a connector, the dots can be seen throughout presentation material, digital platforms and infographics. A consistent and ever-present component, continually connecting the visual treatment and elements back to the very heart of the brand.


We have created a brand that is clear, bold and innovative, whilst remaining credible and convincing, utilising a consistent visual approach to reinforce dynamic movement, capturing the travelling mode and ultimate advantage of the innovative products.

Already disrupting the market, the Consilient brand is distinctive, bold and transformational, underpinning their novel technology and AML solutions. 

We continue to manage and build the brand, comms and marketing materials.

“Consilient has been a rewarding and challenging project, balancing the complexities of pioneering technology while elevating the brand to a confident position as an industry leader. In addition, Consilient has a fantastic product, driven by their ambition to combat financial crime and as a consequence, help many people, which made this an especially worthwhile project.”

Debbie Gossington – Consultant Design Lead, OB Brand Consulting

“Working with Consilient has been incredibly satisfying. It’s not often you get to work on a project that at its core could help so many people. It became clear to us that the representation of people was the key to this project and was oddly missing within the competitor landscape. The client has a big, bold idea and the industry connections and knowhow to pull it off.

We needed to create a brand that embodied this and also allowed us to communicate the intricacies of a complicated technological platform in an engaging way. I think we have guided Consilient into their rightful place of a no apologies, no nonsense, industry leading space.”

Vanessa Marchant – Consultant Creative Lead, OB Brand Consulting

  • Stakeholder management

  • Brand and comms audit

  • Market repositioning

  • Rebrand and visual identity development

  • Content creation

  • Infographics and digital assets

  • Sales and marketing materials

  • Website & digital assets

  • Video

  • Internal comms and collateral

  • Ongoing development and support

“Bringing a brand to life in a difficult and challenging, legacy ridden market, creating cut-through and producing a cohesive identity is an essential part of what we at OB are all about. Playing our part in helping an innovative tech business bring their solution to market to fight a modern, global blight on society, is an even more satisfying experience.

The OB team responded to the challenge, and I’m proud of the results of our hard work.”

Julian Atkins – Director, OB Brand Consulting