A new view

The London Market Group (LMG) is a market-wide body, bringing together specialist commercial (re)insurance broking and underwriting communities in London. The LMG speaks collectively for market practitioners on growth and modernisation with the aim to build on London’s position and reputation as the global centre of excellence for insurance.

The LMG were struggling to engage with their audience and promote their message and proposition.

Their branding strategy lacked consistency and structure, with their digital assets and comms platforms actually proving to be blockers to users, creating a dislocated experience.

To help the LMG to promote itself as a representative of global excellence and encourage greater audience participation, they needed a new, more fitting brand and digital strategy, new online presence and simplified campaign assets.


OB Brand Consulting were appointed to develop improved branding, digital strategy and comms tools.

A full comms audit built a comprehensive picture of the group’s existing strategies and interfaces, audience interactions and messaging, as well as identifying the holes in their brand and proposition.

A new approach was generated off the back of the audit, generating a more relevant, modern and engaging brand and positioning.

We implemented a new digital strategy based on identified and targeted audience groups with specific content, driving greater engagement with simplified UX journeys.


Our joined-up approach gave the LMG a clearer, cleaner and more appealing brand expression, a platform for more targeted content and comms, and a more engaging online presence; providing a more usable and essential digital asset as a single resource for market.

“I’m very proud of our new LMG website, thank you OB for great project delivery.”

Benedict Reid – CEO, London Market Group