Supporting the work of its members

The Lloyd’s Market Association (LMA) represents the interests of the Lloyd’s community, providing professional and technical support to its members.

With the advent of GDPR legislation and rapidly changing compliance requirements, a clear and practical comms strategy was required to help navigate through this complex and critical regulatory landscape.


OB Brand Consulting were engaged to develop and then implement a comms strategy and solution to help enable the interpretation of GDPR content in an engaging and interactive format, providing ease of access to critical content for targeted user groups.


The end-user strategy and GDPR resource delivery enabled both the LMA and LMG to provide a reference toolkit, at a critical and timely juncture to support the needs of their specific market audience groups.

“‘Ooooh that’s had some OB magic sprinkled on it! Looks great J'”

Christopher Buer – Senior Manager, Market Initiatives and Operations, LMG