The Making of TOM

The London Market Group (LMG) acts as a champion for modernisation in the London Market for commercial insurance and reinsurance. After originally publishing the ‘London Matters’ report, they identified a number of key challenges facing the London Market – which led to the development of a Target Operating Model (LM TOM) to tackle these issues head-on.
LM TOM is a market modernisation programme to support the London Market in maintaining its edge, leveraging its strengths as a global insurance hub, and strengthening its efficiencies and operations.

Previous market modernisation initiatives had broken down on numerous occasions – the greatest challenge was to convince a highly sceptical market that the LM TOM would succeed where many others had failed.

To do this, the LMG needed LM TOM to burst into life and captivate its audience, to simplify the complex, gain buy-in from stakeholders and to manage and maintain that momentum going forward.

They also needed a brand created from the ground up for this new initiative. One that the market couldn’t ignore; that galvanised participants and committed them to modernisation.


The LMG commissioned OB Brand Consulting to deliver the LM TOM proposition, brand strategy and expression, digital and market comms assets and platform.

A full audit and market research as part of our discovery stage, set the direction for a naming convention – simple and effective – TOM.

The proposition that followed was designed to be bold and compelling – a positioning that exuded confidence and clarity – that would engage with its audience directly.

The ultimate brand expression was cut-through and eye-catching; unmistakable in its implementation across multiple channels, including online, social media, comms and collateral.


High profile exposure gained immediate support from across the market for the TOM.

Since its inception, LM TOM has grown from strength to strength. It’s making good on its promise to deliver where others have failed. The modernisation programme is ongoing, with a mandate to digitise the London Market.

“Working with OB has been a pleasure. Their expertise and skill have made the redesign process seamless. Now we have an efficient and effective tool to promote the London Market Target Operating Model”