A digital experience

London & International Insurance Brokers’ Association (LIIBA) is the trade association representing the interests of Lloyd’s insurance and reinsurance brokers operating in the London and international markets.
LIIBA provide a critical central online resource for their association members, with access to an online library of over 10,000 documents, events and thought leadership.

LIIBA’s brand, online central resource and interface needed modernisation and repositioning – it lacked a clear proposition and the complex user journey needed a simplified approach.

OB Brand Consulting were engaged to develop a new digital strategy, build and shape a new user experience and evolve their brand expression for this key central resource for the market – for both London and international users.


Our integrated approach was adapted to suit the specific and complex brief – starting with stakeholder and user surveys.

This informed ‘voice of customer’ insight, gave us the foundations for a clear set of requirements for the branding, comms and digital strategies.

Working with the client over a series of workshop sessions, we developed a new strategy and framework for the proposition.

A whole new approach for the organisation to engage and communicate with its audience, as well as a more intuitive user experience, content access and platform interface.


With our rigorous approach in simplifying the complex, we were able to build a new resource experience for LIIBAs members.

The new approach and platform now allows users to more effectively utilise the extensive information and insight, as well as reposition their proposition for a more modern and digitally discerning audience.

“The world of technology can be a daunting and frustrating place… the fast pace of change, confusing acronyms, quirky terminology and excited technologists promoting the latest “must have” solution. With so many options available, how do you pick what’s best for your company? How do you know that what has been proposed is the most suitable solution? Why can’t ideas be discussed using simple language that everyone understands?!?! Breathe, relax, calm yourself and listen to the reassuring voice that is OB. There is no need to be confused or alarmed. This is a firm who focuses on making a customer, not a sale. A firm which listens, understands and delivers technologically rich solutions that are simple and easy to use. A company that does not need to use techno-jargon to describe an idea or solution, but rather one that draws upon their expertise to gather all of the facts and uses their creative nature to simplify the answer. So if you want a firm that values a customer-centric approach thanks to great people and clever technology, the answer is quite simple…. it’s OB!”

Christopher Buer – Associate Director, LIIBA