Transforming radiology

Adaptix has created revolutionary radiological devices for the medical, dentistry, veterinary and NDE (non-destructive evaluation) industries. Their patent-protected technology has the ability to create low dose, low cost, truly portable, 3D imaging as an alternative to 2D X-ray. Issues can be identified within 90 seconds, allowing a far more accurate diagnosis at the point-of-care – where time can be critical – therefore truly transforming the world of healthcare and radiology.

Adaptix is a remarkable and innovative enterprise who needed to strengthen their market-leading position and gain long-term value.

Their revolutionary product needed to be supported by an equally innovative and stand-out brand development, expansive online presence and event based campaign strategies to promote growth in awareness and greater reach to a targeted audience across multiple sectors.


OB were engaged to update and evolve the original Adaptix brand, proposition and online resource, as well as develop and help manage their event campaign strategies and roadmap. 

The newly evolved modern and end-user focused brand, sets them apart from the competition and allows them to showcase their unique product via engaging photographic imagery and strong messaging. 

Campaign-driven events were employed as a major focus for the organisation and therefore a key new business channel. OB were tasked to work on the creative direction, full production and management of the live events which has helped to raise their brand profile and achieve greater cut-through with key industry audiences.


Our insight and brand positioning directives combined with our creative and brand execution, online resource development and campaign strategies, has placed the business in a much stronger position fit for showcasing the extraordinary technology, with a stand-out proposition and far greater reach than before.

For one particularly successful (virtual) event at the height of lockdown during 2020, the British Small Animal Veterinary Association (BSAVA) annual event, our event strategy targeted the UK veterinary sector with an integrated digital campaign and a live broadcast including a product demo and Q&A panel.

Our data showed a third of all attendees visited the Adaptix virtual stand, with 82% engagement, 10 fold increase in click through rates on social platforms – resulting in qualified leads representing 20% of all UK veterinary practices.

“Without a doubt Julian and his fantastic team at OB deliver! Proactive, reactive and able to create incredibly powerful and on-point marketing material. OB’s ability to quickly understand the brief requirements, formulate the vision and deliver results is second to none.”

Jennie Thorn – UK Facilities & Projects Manager, Adaptix