Building connections

Based in the heart of the City of London, CassonX are London’s only Specialist Operations and Middle Office recruitment company.
Their boutique and privately owned business works primarily within the financial services sector, recruiting for middle management right through to c-suite roles, offering permanent, interim and contract positions.

OB created the original logo for CassonX back in 2016. As the company moved forward, the visual identity needed a refresh to reflect their increasing market share. This also included an updated colour palette and image suite. 

Alongside the logo, we had created a one page ‘brochure’ website. This now required a more sophisticated CMS, better functionality and improved SEO to match CassonX’s growing needs. This new site also required the flexibility to present new roles dynamically, and link applications to individual recruitment agents within the company.

Their new website was to be aimed at both clients and candidates, therefore it needed to communicate effectively and be inclusive to both audiences.


We worked to evolve the relatively new visual identity further, building in personality and a more human touch, alongside the technical demands for the site. This was translated throughout the site design into the more friendly, approachable but professional and expertise-led business approach, and visual look and feel that the brief asked for.

The new website architecture, reshaped content and copywriting, now works seamlessly to reflect their business of today.

We incorporated video into the site and introduced a new eye-catching illustrative style to help bring the content to life. Their newly launched blog includes news and industry insights – showcasing and sharing their expertise with both target audiences and across social media.

The new vacancies section has an automated and integrated CRM system with live opportunities available for candidates to apply through. CassonX agents can upload vacancies and link them to their personal profiles, enabling a simple and seamless management process.


The confident new branding and website is helping to raise CassonX’s profile and build strong connections between both their clients and candidates using their new expanded and dynamic website.

This is a complete departure for CassonX in how they operate and present roles to the market for both client and candidate – rather than relying on a single route to market, they are now able to showcase their broader expertise and experience, as well as articulate who they are and how they work – bringing their personality to their audience. Which in a people-focused sector, is a fundamental cornerstone in doing and maintaining good business.

“The thing that I loved about working with OB was communication. It starts with getting to know our company, style, culture and what we stand for. As well as what we are trying to achieve with how we are perceived. Vanessa’s ability to get to know us, interpret and then provide a solution was outstanding, professional, and fabulously creative.

Our mandate was not easy, meeting a professional yet friendly approach, and her vision to bring this all together in an interactive website, which is easy to use, navigate and peruse was absolutely on point. It’s not about just bringing it all together, it’s also about supporting the changes and tweaks that are required throughout, during and post implementation that makes them a truly awesome business to partner with.”

James Manders – Managing Director, CassonX

“Working with James and Jason was extremely rewarding. As they have such a clear idea of what they want in terms of functionality, we started from a very strong architectural place. Expanding the visual identity to enable their brand to match their strong market share was essential. They have such personality and professionalism we really wanted to get that across in the design. We are so happy that they are pleased with the end result and it is already giving them great results. We will be supporting them in growing the site and their domain authority.”

Vanessa Marchant – Consultant Creative Lead, OB Brand Consulting

  • Refreshed visual identity

  • Updated colour palette

  • New illustrative style

  • Website architecture

  • Digital assets

  • Video

  • Updated website

  • Sophisticated CMS

  • Improved SEO

“A fantastic outcome – the team led by Vanessa, achieved something really quite illusive when creating an essentially transactional platform – they brought out the personality of the business, adding the essential ingredients of the human touch – combined with building and delivering an effective technical solution.”

Julian Atkins – Director, OB Brand Consulting